Innovation in Canada (March 10/11 and April 27/28)
We know the symptoms; now let’s stimulate action!

Foresight is a powerful technique for generating scenarios of multiple plausible contingent futures that can be used for public and private sector program development, investment strategy and risk mitigation. Foresight is being used by economic development practitioners and policy makers around the world to help understand future growth and competitive environments. While there are global scenarios for which there is a relatively strong consensus, each country has different internal and external driving forces that affect such scenarios.

Ibis BDC presented at, and participated in, the March 10/11 and April 27/28, 2011 in Ottawa to probe Canada’s future innovation prospects, challenges and opportunities over the next six to twenty nine years. (PDF)

A summary of the meetings findings will be presented at .

The meeting reinforced the value of the use of foresight to examine and prepare companies for improved competitiveness. Potential scenarios affecting the speed and pressures of innovation were examined and their impact on technology innovation in multiple technology sectors were examined. The outcomes in healthcare technology adoption as a cost and resource saving approach are staggering.