Transaction Expertise to Achieve Corporate Objectives

Ibis Business Development offers expertise and creative insight into the establishment of value-creating alliances. This includes the initiation and development of early-stage transactions, as well as the assessment and successful execution of later-stage deals. Our problem-solving and negotiation skills, as well as our commitment and drive, ensure effective timing, feasibility, price, structure and psychology to implement or improve each transaction.

Ibis also actively maintains an extensive and comprehensive database of company (multinational and SME) interests and activities, stemming from its ongoing interaction with industry participants. Through these widespread connections and in-depth knowledge of competitors (and potential partners or allies) within the industry, Ibis provides an important competitive edge in deal design and implementation. Our experience and connections enable the rapid identification of appropriate partners for information, research, product & clinical development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing.
Using these skills and tools, Ibis assists its clients to: In order to accomplish these objectives, Ibis works closely with company management to assess and implement the most effective initiatives. These may include: